I can't see or hear myself

After joining the call, if you are unable to see yourself on the screen or hear, check the following:

  • If an external camera/mic is connected, check if it is plugged in properly.
  • If multiple cameras/mics are available, make sure that the correct camera is selected.
  • Check camera/mic permissions
  • If other applications are using the camera/mic, make sure to close them and refresh the browser.
  • If you are using a dictaphone or note-taking software, make sure the browser's default settings are set to "laptop/desktop's microphone".

You can check the hardware requirements for camera from the below table.

Windows Any built-in or standalone, 720p camera recommended 
Any built-in or standalone, 720p camera recommended 
Front, back or USB camera
Apple iOS
Front or back device camera 

If you still face the issue following error message would show up on the screen. You can click close and proceed to the call without the error being fixed or you can go to call settings to choose another hardware.